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Thanks again for investing in CloudDefender and congratulations on making the SMART decision to protect your online assets.

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Every Second Your Server Is Unprotected, Your Online Assets Are Vulnerable

Your server security is SO important that I don’t want you to risk it.

For some people, setting up CloudFlare using my included PDF training is enough. But in testing, we found many needed more help.

Which is why we developed this step-by-step video series to setting up CloudFlare. Over 22 bite-sized videos walk you thru setup and optimization, to both protect your server AND optimize your site performance.

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Once your server is secured against potential attacks, everything gets better:

There’s zero guesswork - just follow these over-the-shoulder videos and copy exactly what you see on-screen. Inside of an afternoon you’ll have your server completely secure, with no hassles or questions.

CloudFlare is awesome, but as mentioned, it’s VERY complicated. As extensive as the PDF training is, it’s not enough for some users.

You’ve already recognized how important web security is to you, and I want to make sure you actually put this industry-leading protection in place.

So am offering you exclusive access to the step-by-step video training series for 35% off! You won’t be able to rebrand and sell the videos, but will be able to access them online ANYTIME you wish.

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Not only will these videos make it completely painless for you to configure server protection for yourself …

They’ll also make setting the same security up for clients a complete breeze! You’ve already got the ability to sell this as a service.

Now for one tiny investment you can cut IN HALF the time it takes you to provide this service to clients.

I only share this because I truly want to see you take action. Most importantly, lock down your own servers as quickly as possible … and there’s no faster way to do that than with this video series.

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Thanks for reading. To your ongoing success, security and prosperity.

Matt Garrett

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