First, I want to ENSURE you that the simple step you’ve taken will secure your WP sites from the majority of potential attacks. Once you’re setup, you can relax knowing YOUR leads and data are protected.

However, website threats occur on MULTIPLE levels. Often, attacks happen beyond site level. Malicious attacks can even affect your server!

What does this mean? Bots, scrapers and attackers can literally suck up your bandwidth, slow down your sites, compromise your data and damage your online reputation.

You’ve no doubt heard of multiple DDos attacks in recent months - they’ve taken down major authority websites.

Bad bot traffic can suck up ALL of your bandwidth - costing you a FORTUNE in extra hosting fees every month.

Page scrapers are everywhere, just looking to steal your content.

And all of this ILLEGAL activity slows down YOUR sites, so you get lower rankings and your conversions sink.

How do the top authority sites prevent this from happening?

They use Cloudflare - the solution for over 2 MILLION businesses and counting.

Cloudflare sets up a fence that protects YOUR sites from bad traffic. The best bit? It’s 100% free for all website owners!

Cisco, NASDAQ and even The White House rely on Cloudflare to secure themselves from hackers and bad bots.

And by shutting out all this spam traffic, Cloudflare helps your pages load as fast as possible - so you maximize conversions and maintain your organic ranking.

But as good as Cloudflare is, it’s got a MAJOR fault. It’s so hard to configure, you’d need to be a computer engineer just to get started.

There are so many options that - as powerful as it is - Cloudflare simply SCARES most users away. If you miss ONE piece of the puzzle, you leave your site wide open to bots, scrapers and hackers.

Meaning your data and CONTENT is unsecure. Your traffic is compromised, and your site can take a major hit in the search engines.

What’s the fix? Simple. Use Cloudflare like the pros:


My main goal with Blog Defender was to create a SIMPLE website security solution.

That DOESN’T need constant attention.

And is AFFORDABLE, while providing as good or BETTER protection than any other premium product or paid service offered anywhere.

With Cloud Defender, you get my PERSONALIZED system for setting up the ultimate in server security for your WP site.

It works hand in hand with Blog Defender to provide you with maximum security for your money sites - so your content, leads and income remain safe.

It will not just lock down your entire server, but will also speed up your site load times, meaning an overnight boost in conversions.

Just as with Blog Defender, you’ll be able to use Cloud Defender on client sites to make create new ongoing monthly revenues.

The benefits to you AND your client sites are endless. You’ll block scrapers, bots and hazardous DdoS attacks.

You’ll increase SEO score with faster page time loads.

And you’ll cover ANY site you protect with Cloudflare with a double redundant system that ENSURES your sites stay online no matter what.

We’ve already discussed the fact that hacking is a 2 BILLION dollar per year industry … and growing.

Vicious attacks to YOUR web properties are happening on a daily basis. If you rely on even ONE website to generate leads or income online, you NEED to be as secure as possible.

Cloud Defender is the answer.

As part of our special launch discount, you can get access to this custom training for a single one time payment.

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The Blog Defender 100% Unconditional, Iron-Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your investment is 100% covered by my 30 day, no quibble iron-clad guarantee. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose when you take action now.

Your current - and potential future income - is at risk EVERY MINUTE your sites and servers aren’t 100% protected.