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How To Get The MOST Out Of Your Investment, Secure Your Server FAST And EFFORTLESSLY Earn Passive Profits

Welcome! Matt Garrett here with an important message to save you time when setting up your personal web security system.

I developed CloudDefender to be the most up-to-date, complete website security program available. Once setup you'll immediately see the benefits of faster sites, improved conversions and more organic traffic.

While knowing your servers are locked down with the best security measures in use today.

All you've got to do is set things up according to the instructions.

Server Security Set Up Made EASY

When I reached out to beta testers of CloudDefender, each person that had properly configured everything saw outstanding results.

But there was a small problem. Seemed some people initially HADN'T put everything in place, even with the detailed guides.

So to help them out, I recorded a few videos showing STEP BY STEP, from scratch, how to put CloudDefender to work. Practically overnight all the testers that had struggled before were up and running!

Seeing these results, I realized some people NEED video to put some of the more technical elements in place.

So I went ahead and created a COMPLETE video series version of the CloudDefender training … now ANYONE can watch over my shoulder and EASILY have things set up in record time.

CloudDefender - The COMPLETE Video Series

The thing with server security is you can't "half-ass" it. You've got to go all in. Miss a single piece, and you don't get the benefits.

With the video series, absolutely NOTHING is left to chance. Each video is done "over the shoulder", so simply by watching and following along, your server will be secured and your sites optimized in no time flat.

Because I want you to TAKE ACTION with CloudDefender, each video is short, to the point and extremely easy to follow.

Over 22 bite-sized videos walk you thru every step of setup. Watch each "mini" step, copy what I show you, and you'll be done before you know it!

All The Benefits In HALF The Time

You picked up CloudDefender for good reasons. You want to secure your server, speed up your sites, optimize conversions and maximize search traffic.

You COULD use the written guides included in the main product and figure it out yourself. Or, like DOZENS of my beta testers, take the QUICKER & EASIER path by accessing the video training.

On average, testers that had access to the videos had their complete security up and running in about half the time it took for those that just had the PDFs.

Time really does equal money. In this case, time is NOT on your side - you need to make SURE everything is setup correctly, and fast. This video series is the answer.

Developer Rights Mean Even Easier Passive Income!

I've extended the developer rights of CloudDefender to the videos as well. What does this mean for you? Plenty! You already know you can use CloudDefender to sell server security as a service. With the package you have now, you'd go in and set up the security for a fee, then optionally charge monthly to keep everything updated.

With CloudDefender Video Series Developer rights, you can earn without doing ANY work yourself!

That's right - you can rebrand the videos (if you choose), then sell them as a one-time package to clients. They're so easy to follow ANYONE can set up their server security themselves.

The ULTIMATE Arbitrage Model
- Set Your Own Price!

As a valued customer, I'm giving you access to this video training with complete developer rights for a shockingly low price.

You've seen how CRITICAL server security is - now more than ever - and just how easy a service it is to sell.

With your access today, you can sell as many of these video packages as you like … for WHATEVER you want to charge. And keep 100% of the profits.

Imagine if you only charged $97. Sell just 5 packages and put an INSTANT $485 in your pocket … WITHOUT doing any work!

Profit By Giving Clients What They DESPERATELY Need

Once your server is secured against potential attacks, everything gets better:

Online security is more important now than ever, and businesses everywhere know it. Anyone with a WP site is at risk … the market is virtually unlimited.

Not only are you offering peace of mind for clients, but also an overnight solution to increasing their site speeds, conversions and organic traffic.

Sounds Great Matt, What's The Catch?

As massive as the market is, I'm not going to take ANY chances of this becoming saturated. So I'm strictly limiting this offer to the 1st 100 takers.

Maybe you'd simply like the video series to make setting up your own CloudFlare security quick and painless.

Or, like many, you see the MASSIVE profit potential of selling this unique and COMPLETE server security solution to clients.

Either way, this is incredible value for a very low, one time cost. But as I said, this one time offer is extremely limited.

Act Now For 2 Very Important Reasons

You'll never see this offer again. I invested THOUSANDS to create this video series, and the included developer rights make this an easy profit opportunity for you.
Access is extremely limited. After 100 licenses are sold, the offer is closed for good. I want to ensure anyone who takes action on this has every opportunity to make as much profit as possible.

Sound Good? Pick Up CloudDefender
- The Video Series - With Complete Developer
Rights Risk Free For 30 Days

Just like the main offer, you're fully protected by my no quibbles,100% money back guarantee.

Take this video series and included developer rights for a spin for the next 30 days. In the unlikely event you feel they doesn't live up to every claim on this page, contact my support desk for a hassle free refund.

You've got nothing to lose … but fast & easy security setup AND a completely passive profit stream to gain.

Claim Your Exclusive Discount And Grab CloudDefender Today!

Cloud Defender v2 Pro

Thanks for reading. To your ongoing success, security and prosperity.

Matt Garrett

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